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Xodus Solutions – What It’s All About

Have you noticed that survival books all seem to assume you only have two choices?  Those being sheltering in place or bugging-out to the wilderness.

When asking people why they are planning to shelter in place, the most common refrain is: “I don’t know where else to go.” 

When asking those that plan to bug-out to the wilderness, “Have you ever lived off the land?” The answer is simply “No.”

Does that sound like you?  If so, know that this does not have to be the case.  You have many other options.

While there are hundreds of books about survival, the really basic dilemma is how to prepare, where to go, and then how do I survive long term? The vast majority of these books concentrate on the two options above, sheltering in place or surviving in the woods. 

Most are very light on the subject of where to go or how to get there.  In addition, you will find a plethora of topic specific books about food, water, shelter, cooking, gardening, canning, self-defense etc.

Reading and studying all of these survival subjects willy-nilly is a pointless waste of time until you know what you want to do.  That is when you should start buying and studying the requisite information that is actually pertinent to you!

Xodus Solutions takes a logical route to prepping and survival.  It is not an opinion piece based on personal philosophy or imagination.  Rather, it is largely a researched work that provides valuable information along with some personal experiences. It also provides associated costs in many cases.

The Xodus Solutions approach is that you should know what you can do first!  That is to say; given your personal situation with respect to age, gender, family size, finances, skill sets, and preferences, what should you do? What fits your specific needs? 

This is exactly what Xodus Solutions will do for you. It is specifically written to tell you what you are up against and what it will take to do it your way. You will be surprised at the number of options presented here.

All relevant topics about prepping and long term survival are considered at length, thus helping you to decide how you want to proceed. You will also see the pit falls of sheltering in place or roughing it in the “then” over-crowded wilderness.

Both of these are very dangerous propositions in which few will actually survive long term. Rather, you could be living better in groups or small communities.  All of which will provide a much better quality of life, heightened security, and vast cost savings which we identify. 

We really want you to get your head rapped around this entire concept of survival so that you can focus and take the appropriate actions desired.

You won’t be disappointed.

We Have the Power to Prepare for the Future, and We’re Doing Something About It

There is a story about a Persian Army general that was constantly being presented with captured enemy soldiers who were accused of being spies, for which the penalty was death by firing squad. The general became weary of this. Knowing that not all these men were actually spies, he concocted a means to let some of these poor souls live. To assuage his guilt, he offered them a choice at the appointed time of their execution. They could either face the firing squad and certain death, or they could pass through “The Black Door.” All of them chose the firing squad fearing the uncertainty of what horrors may lay beyond the Black Door.

Then one day the general’s aide asked him, “Sir, what lies beyond the Black Door?” “Freedom,” replied the general. “And I thank God he has given me the courage to face the unknown.”

And so it is with each of us. We too have a choice to make, and that is the door that I am asking you to consider here. You can stick you head in the sand for fear of what is beyond the black door, or you can do something. This decision may only affect you at this time, but someday it could end up being a decision that benefits your children, or even your grandchildren. That would be a nice legacy to leave.

The Mission

National disasters or “Events” can come in many forms, and we want you to be ready for nearly anything. Therefore, the general purpose here must be to ensure that you understand what you are up against relative to all these preparations, and that you know how to solve these problems. This is addressed in two ways. The first, by doing it “your way,” which means doing it alone or as part of a small group, or secondly, in a more organized fashion with a larger group which would yield the resources to get things done bigger, better, and faster. Regardless of your choice – going it alone, small group, medium group, or large group – this book will give you the information you need to do it “your way.”

More concisely stated our mission is to help you get your head wrapped around all of this and know how to get things done.

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This survey was carefully designed so that it will not be intrusive relative to your personal identity or even your specific location.  It was created to collect information about your desires relative to bugging-out (or not) and to determine your preferences for that activity.  Armed with the survey information we hope to offer you affordable solutions.