And why you should not consider this option for anything except very short term survival.


Two well trained and well fed dogs are off their leash and see each other nearby in the park. The likely outcome is that they will run together, sniff butts and start to play.

This time, two very hungry dogs see each other but you throw a meaty T-bone steak between them and there is going to be a fight which the bigger dog is going to win.

Two civilized and well fed humans meet in the park.

The likely outcome is that they ignore each other, or nod, smile, or maybe use a friendly hand gesture.

This time, two very hungry humans (and therefore uncivilized) meet in the park and you throw a hot off the grill sizzling T-bone steak between them.

The likely outcome is…….that’s right, you guessed it.  The larger and/or armed human gets the steak.

The point is that you apparently understand human nature.  So why are you planning to stay in that apartment or suburban home anywhere near a large city?  You know human nature, so you must know that it will eventually come to this if some horrible event does occur.

If there is a city-wide, regional, or national disaster that lasts for more than a few days and people have no electricity, water, or sewer, you are in big trouble.  People will roam the streets and clean out the food stores. Next they will start kicking in doors and that’s that.

Maybe you have a safe room and you can hide in there. That will save you but not your food and water storage.  It is the same with trying to defend your home in the suburbs. There are entire books written about how to defend your home.  Well, do you have walls made of ¼ inch steel? Can you weld steel over your doors, windows, and roof?  Even if you can, you need to know that an AR-15 or AK-47 will go through your exterior wall, probably through another interior wall and may even exit out of the back of the house unless it hits an appliance. A 30 caliber hunting rifle will go through a ¼ inch steel plate and exit out of the back of the house.  A large game hunting rifle such a 7mm will go through that same steel plate, through several interior walls and through the same steel plate on the back of the house even if it does have to go through your refrigerator to get there.  The fact is that none of you will have bullet proof houses.  So it comes down to this; if someone walks around your house and empties a couple of 30 round magazines into it you are probably done for even if you are trying to fire back. Speaking of firing back, if I am the bad guy I’m thinking…yea, please break out your window in an attempt to take a shot at me.  Then I’ll know exactly where you are and I’ll drill you right through the wall.

And then there is burning you out or gassing you out etc. For city dwellers, other than a riot or civil unrest, sheltering in place is a bad idea in my opinion. Please don’t try to do this unless you absolutely must. By the way, there is not a word said in the Xodus Solutions book that attempts to frighten people this way. Some of you already know this information but for others, well, it just needed to be said.