Here is a short blog to serve as a reminder of the importance of electronics for bugging out, bugging in, traveling, and for use at your survival retreat. Xodus Solutions goes into more detail in Chapter 7 but next time you pass an electronics store stop in and ask a few questions. Inquire about CB radios both for cars and as walkie-talkies. Also see what they have for short wave radios both as a base station and hand held. They should be able to tell you about these things and their intended purpose, range, and costs. You might also inquire about small solar cells to power or recharge these devices. (The origin of the term walkie-talkies comes from WWII GI slang. It was used for the first hand held portable two way radio. – The GI’s came to consider themselves to be Government Issue just like the radio or any other equipment. Hence the slang GI.)

Perimeter alerts are also discussed in the book and they are another electronic device you may want to consider. These can be used around a camp site if you are in an unknown or dangerous location. They are also useful at your survival retreat. They can give much piece of mind. Options include cameras, sound, and light alerts. Or a combinations of these options if you so choose.

Another gadget that I hope you will never need is a Geiger counter for detection of radiation levels. They are available in hand held sizes and are not very expensive.


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