Recommended list of topic specific books you should consider

While Xodus Solutions offers a wealth of detailed information, it is not a comprehensive “Bible” as so many claim their books to be. Our mission was to explore all of the major components from early prepping to long term survival. We provided the big picture in detail so you could get your head wrapped around this vast subject.

For example, due to the importance of food and all of its intricacy’s, we elaborated on how much we require, storage issues, containers, and preparation equipment.  But still, we did not elaborate on how to garden or proper canning methods for your produce. Instead we recommended that you purchase books that are dedicated to these subjects and written by experts on those subjects. They are, and should be stand-alone books for your survival collection.

It is the same thing from medical advice to knot tying pamphlets.  Get these books from experts on these subjects.


Recommended topics to consider include:

Canning, pickling, smoking, dehydration,


Water purification

Hunting, fishing, and trapping

Field dressing game



Off-grid living in RV’s

Specific off-grid projects

Raising Chickens or other livestock

Any how-to books of interest to you

Bush craft if you plan to survive in the wilderness



Medical / First aid

Drugs, vitamins, and antibiotics


Oral health


Shelter: (see the Shelters button on home page)

How to build a tiny house / cabin

Electric code book so you can do wiring projects

How to build basic wood frame structures

Basic plumbing


Books not recommended:

Military manuals

Any-thing that tells you it is a “must have.”

Survival Fiction – unless you believe in zombies

Books about deadly skills

Books about booby traps

Books about how to fight

Urban defense – this is a three word book. “Buy a Gun”

Urban survival – I am dead set against this concept. It is only good for a few days. If you live in an urban apartment or in a house in the suburbs it is just a matter of time.  If you read Xodus Solutions you know there are other options available.