My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear for our nation is the loss of its electric grid. This could happen via a massive EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) device delivered at high altitude over North America or even an EMP generated by the sun. Either way, our D- rated power grid will go down.

This, according to a study commissioned by Congress, could kill up to 90% of our population within one year while leaving our nation’s infrastructure largely intact. I wrote about this in my book “Xodus Solutions” but here I will spare you the read. Now you can view it as well.

If you don’t know about this information then the first stop on your prepper / survival journey should be a visit to You Tube. Simply type in “Grid Down, Power Up.” It is a documentary narrated by Dennis Quaid and it will inform you of the danger this event represents and the failure of our government to do anything about it. You will also learn that an attack on as few as nine important power transmission locations will also destroy our electric grid. Dare I say happy viewing!